Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is what I got at a Yarn Tent Sale here in Ontario Yesterday 110 skeins for $107.00


Melissa said...

Looks like you got a great haul. Was that for the MAry Maxim tent sale? I went to a couple of those. Took my sister with me. We filled the back end of the van with a ton of yarn. LOL! There was no room for anything else when we were done.

Pumpkinmouse said...

No actually it was a tent sale for a place called the Yarn Factory in Listowel Ontario...I go there every year. Its still on this week and I wanna go back LOL

Patti said...

OMG I would love to have a deal like that. I kept staring at the yarn, lol. But for me I need to use up my stash, lol. 1 large tote (I can fit into it)and 9 medium tote. Just a slight addiction there for me, lol. Enjoy your newest stash!!!